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Big Nose Kate EOW 01/06/2019

About Us


Our Team

Our amazing team of regular and part-time volunteers are committed to assisting law enforcement mounted units purchase and maintain equipment  not provided by their agencies. We  help displaced police equines find forever retirement homes.  We also provide financial assistance for medical bills for retired horses.


Our Mission

We focus on giving back to our law enforcement community.  We are dedicated to ensuring all mounted units throughout California have protective gear for their horses and riders.  We want to ensure the highest quality of life for retired horses, after they are no longer working in law enforcement.   We want to make sure that their medical bills are covered into retirement.



Wyatt is a retired mounted officer.  Currently he is  battling canker(debilitating foot disease).  We are trying to assist with his mounting veterinarian bills.  Many people with disabilities have benefited from Wyatt's extensive training.  We want to ensure the best medical care and fast recovery for Wyatt, so he can continue to work as a therapy horse. fundraising

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